Harry Potter 2013

Before my week gets all-out crazy (it’s Book Fair week, after all), I’m channeling Zen mode right now and blogging about one of my favorite topics — Harry Potter!

It’s a significant time for Harry Potter fans, as September marks the 15th anniversary of Harry Potter, and Scholastic is celebrating it with the release of a new set of covers by critically acclaimed artist Kazu Kibuishi, best known for his #1 New York Times bestselling graphic novel series, Amulet.

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My sister went to Prague and got me this…


My sister’s work sent her to Europe for a couple of months, and she sent home a whole bunch of stuff afterwards — you should see our fridge, which now contains packages of Leonidas chocolates, Cadbury creme eggs, fruit pudding, and traditional Czech spa wafers (yummmmm)!

She was based in Prague, which has a long tradition of marionette theater, and so my sister got me — what else? — a Harry Potter marionette for my collection!

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Hagrid and Hedwig

When I told you about the FFP bowling night last month, I forgot to mention another highlight of my night. There was a toy clearance sale outside the bowling alley, and to my great delight (cue in the squee-ing!), I found new plush dolls for my HP collection: Hagrid and Hedwig!

They were a real steal, considering I haven’t seen these in years, and the prices were quite reasonable, so I scooped them up and marched them over to the counter.

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