This is our book club, Flips Flipping Pages, as caricatured by my good friend (and surrogate book club big sister) Ajie Taduran (see, I told you my friends are brilliant!) after one of our book discussions last year. Can you find me in the cartoon?

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Picture Book Roundup: letters, numbers, and apostrophes

I’ve missed doing picture book roundups, and I don’t think I’ve done a proper one yet this year so here’s a bunch of picture books I’ve enjoyed recently: Stephen T. Johnson’s Alphabet City, its companion book City By Numbers, and The Girl’s Like Spaghetti (Why, you can’t manage without apostrophes!) by Lynne Truss (illustrated by Bonnie Timmons).

The books were shamelessly scavenged, as usual — I’d been wanting a copy of Alphabet City for a long time and finally got it via BookMooch, and shortly after found a copy of City By Numbers for a very cheap P40 (less than $1) at a bargain bookstore. Then a few weeks back, I found Girl’s Like Spaghetti for P35! Wonderful additions to my ragtag picture book collection, none of which I buy brand new or full-priced, tee hee hee.

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In the Shadow of No Towers

Spotting a sale sign at a bookstore always activates a panic button in me. It never fails to elicit that heart-pounding, wide-eyed excitement at the prospect of finding a book  to add to my shelf, and after years of practice I think I’m fairly proficient at spotting a gem in the bargain bin. Still, I can never get enough of that heady feeling of getting a great book at an outrageously low price.

Just last month, after the Art inFiction book discussion, the Fully Booked Greenbelt branch was on sale, and because there was a line for our dinner table at Chili’s we couldn’t resist the lure of the bargain tables laid out in the storefront. Something shiny caught my eye as soon as I reached the table. Bingo — In the Shadow of No Towers by Art Spiegelman, and, hold your breath, at 80% off, marked down from P958 to under P200! (around $4, never mind that it’s a bit scuffed, it’s a ginormous board book!).

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I love little books, and I’ve got a growing collection of them on various different subjects — they’re just so much fun to read, they often feature great art or photos, and they’re easy to stuff into odd nooks and crannies in my bookshelves!

Here are a bunch of  pocket-sized reads I finished recently: Fountain Pens by Alex Fortis and Antonio Vannucchi, Bad Cat by Jim Edgar, and Treasures of Disney Animation Art.

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Robotars! (Earth Day 2010)

Robotars: robotic tarsiers that were designed to destroy, but lived to love.

The first Robotars designer toy custom show is now open at the Art Asia Gallery, 4/F, SM Megamall until May 15, 2010!

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