It’s Hour 5 of the FFP 24 Hour Readathon and I’m still awake! Most of us are — yay!

This is my first major break since the start of the Readathon, and I was reserving it for eating, but I realized I hadn’t posted yet, so here I am eating and blogging at the same time!


I’m reading for a charity: Kythe Foundation, which is an organization that aims to alleviate the lives of pediatric cancer patients. At work we’ve been collecting pledges for the Kythe kids’ wishes (from AFP Medical Center, QMMC, National Children’s Hospital, and another hospital in Tarlac). Last week we learned the Kythe volunteers need more books to read aloud to the kids, because they’ve been reading the same stories for a while now, so I decided on my Readathon pledge — I will donate 10 books to Kythe for every 100 pages I read.

So far I think I’ve paced myself well: 2 books (one full length) in five hours: 39 Clues #11: Vespers Rising by Rick Riordan, Peter Lerangis, Gordon Korman and Jude Watson; and The Insult and Curse book by Michelle Lovric.

Here’s my log so far:

At 318 pages, that’s 30 books to Kythe. My sister is pledging books on my reading, too, but she’s afraid to match my donation — we’ll see when I get home!!!

Oh, and I’ve also won two books from the hourly raffles:


I’m rewarding myself with cake and my second cup of coffee:

Off to start my third book: Sweet Valley Confidential!

More later!!!


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