Last weekend, I was feeling bad about finally taking down my Harry Potter Christmas tree when a friend was trying to console me by saying there would be other Harry Potter holidays. I happened to glance at the calendar and realized Severus Snape’s birthday (b. Jan 9, 1960) was coming up, and quickly asked my HP partner in crime, Dianne, what we were doing to celebrate his birthday this year.

The two of us normally go out to dinner and drink to Severus Snape, but we wondered if we could pull off a small party this year. Luckily, our favorite weekend hangout, Libreria Bookstore in Cubao X, graciously agreed to host us, and with under a week to pull things together, we made plans for Snapeday.

If you’re thinking it’s crazy to throw a birthday party for a fictional character, I will have to admit this isn’t the first time we’ve done it. Three years ago, we threw a birthday party for Harry Potter. We were high from the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and we had an elaborate affair with costumes and wizard food and all.

This time around, we had even more impossible schedules (we hadn’t even seen each other all week!), so we were going for a small dinner for fellow fans to share a toast or two for our favorite Harry Potter character. But things managed to snowball into a truly fabulous celebration for the Half-Blood Prince!

I arrived mid-afternoon to set things up, with a crateful of instant party decor. With Shani (also the potions mistress) and Marie (with the FFP Prom under her party planning belt), we spruced the place up for Snapeday:

the Snapeday tree


Snapeday streamers

Snapeday place settings

A string of Snapes

Guests started pouring in, so Shani got the potions bar rolling.

Here’s her electronic menu (and everything was bloody awesome!):

Shani rocking the potions bar

It was a potluck dinner with a veritable spread: pasta, sausages, roast chicken, spring rolls, doughnuts, and chips.

The banquet at Spinner’s End

But the highlight of the banquet was the Snapeday cake that Czar brought:

Oh, and he made a wicked chocolate eggnog too!

We then had the Snapeday House Cup Quiz:

Dianne and I suited up (or should I say “robed up”) for the occasion

Houses in the thick of competition

Perhaps auto-answer quills would have helped?

Hufflepuff triumphed in the House Cup, followed by Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor. The winners got Sorting Hat keychains and “In Snape We Trust” keychains:

Everyone also got a Snapeday bookmark:

“Snape” also blew out the candles on his cake:

And we had a Snapeday message board too:

It was truly a memorable night. Thank you Triccie, Shani, Marie, Jeeves, JM,Guia, Honey, Kwesi, Jzhun, Ruby, Rose, Karen, Marianne, Ruby (yes, there were two Ruby’s), Czar, Meg, Mayette, Sheila, Paolo, and Patrick for celebrating Snapeday with us!

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17 Responses to Snapeday!

  1. wow.. that is so great

  2. greyz says:

    I always admire your ideas. :) So creative. Love the party and congrats for the success.

  3. Iya Santos says:

    Your kids are going to have fabulous birthday parties.

    Just curious, how do you know when all the characters’ birthdays are? I want to attend one of your HP parties!!

    • Sumthinblue says:

      :D hee hee

      As for the birthdays, well, people who are crazier than Dianne and me have created the Harry Potter timelines based on the canon, JKR’s interviews, and deduction. Here’s a useful page:

      But to date, we’ve only celebrated Harry’s and Snape’s birthdays :)

  4. jzhunagev says:

    Hullo Blooey!

    Snape Day is a great way to kick in bookish events and happenings this year! I really had fun! :D

    It was also nice meeting you personally and the others.

    Thanks, Blooey! :)

    • Sumthinblue says:

      It was great meeting you too! :) ‘Til next time, Jzhun (now I just realized how I should be pronouncing your name!)

  5. Joko says:

    that looked awesome blooey! congrats to you and dianne and everyone who pulled it off! :)

  6. Ron says:


    Sissy Spacek akembang kasi wiz aketch naka-attend!

    Sa sunod na lang na event. :D

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