Read, Write, and Travel with Moleskine®!

The new Moleskine collections are here. Stop me from going on a rampage!

After being unveiled at Salon Internazionale del Mobile in Milan in April, Moleskine’s new Writing, Travelling, and Reading collections are finally coming to the Philippines, via National Book Store.

The new collections are designed by Italian designer Giulio Iacchetti, and are specially created to be perfectly compatible with each other, and with the Moleskine notebooks and planners through special clips and holders. All the new items bear Moleskine’s signature aesthetic: mostly black, elastic band, smoothly rounded corners, and the “in case of loss” label.

I love the brand’s thoughtfulness in anticipating what loyal Moleskine users need and want.

The Reading collection is particularly interesting:

reading glasses (I ought to swap my contacts for these!)

 reading stand — I think Newton would look just lovely on this!

and waaaaaaah, a USB rechargeable booklight! you know my obsession for booklights!

I write for a living, so I go through a regular supply of Moleskine (planner and cahiers). The Writing collection looks lovely:

Moleskine pencil, pens, and penholder! (drool….)

Moleskine black pencil — I wonder if it comes with a free sharpener?

black pen

The Travelling collection is simply amazing — they have *gasp* bags!

Nice and roomy utility bag. In my mind, I’m already filling it with my stuff: laptop, Nook, planner…

tote bag


reporter bag

messenger bag

The Moleskine new collections will first arrive at National Book Store.

photos courtesy of Moleskine Asia

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8 thoughts on “Read, Write, and Travel with Moleskine®!”

  1. ACK!!!!


    Btw, the sharpener comes free because the shape of the pencil is really odd (square-ish) and I believe you have to sharpen it at a certain angle to get it sharpened right.

    The utility bag is calling me. And the reading stand is begging me to make up my mind and order an ipad 2 already. :)

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