Queridas ni Rizal: Love and Sex in Philippine History

Doesn’t that look like an interesting history lesson?

Historian Ambeth Ocampo’s upcoming lecture, Queridas ni Rizal, is set on Sept. 10, 3 pm, at the Ayala Museum Lobby.

I plan on signing up. The P350 admission looks like an excellent deal: Lecture PLUS admission to all galleries of Ayala Museum PLUS a copy of Meaning and History (which I already have, but I could get this one signed!).

And by the way, it’s only P200 for students, teachers, and senior citizens!

Anyone else interested? Let’s go, let’s go! :)

UPDATE: To reserve a slot, go to the Ayala Museum cashier and pay the lecture fee. The official receipt will serve as your reservation.

Or, deposit to BPI: Ayala Foundation, account #0011149014  then fax or email your deposit slip to 7573588, or mina.ma@ayalamuseum.org with Ambeth Ocampo as the subject.

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22 Responses to Queridas ni Rizal: Love and Sex in Philippine History

  1. Mika says:

    My Tagalog is rather dumb, but what is “masagna”?

    • Sumthinblue says:

      That’s prolly masagana. I’ll tell sir Ambeth his poster has a typo!

      Imagine my surprise when he added me as a friend on FB!

  2. Jokoness says:

    Me! Ayala museum pass ang clincher dyan, tagal ko ng di nakapunta. How are u signing up?

  3. Iya Santos says:

    I don’t have a calendar on hand, but I will most likely be able to attend. No excuse not to, since Ayala Museum is only 20 or so steps away from my place of work :)

  4. Mika says:

    Blooey: Ambeth fangirl alert! Haha!

  5. Mika says:

    How do you sign up for this? Me gusta!

  6. cecille says:

    Please let me know how to sign up too, Blooey!

  7. Nice one. Ambeth Ocampo is definitely a very engaging writer. =)

  8. Kay says:

    Gusto ko din.. I want his autograph. I really love his works. (Lalo na yung kalokohan n’ya sa National Library bago pa s’ya naging isang sikat na Ambeth Ocampo.^^ Kundi dahil sa kalokohan n’yang yun, baka hanggang ngayon, nag-iisip pa din ako kung ano ba ang meron sa Makamisa.)

  9. pergy says:

    pwede bang walk-in lang para jan? not sure kasi if i can make it on time to reserve a slot pa, pero gusto ko! T_T

    • Sumthinblue says:

      Perg, updated the post with registration/reservation details.

      Either go to Ayala Museum or make a bank deposit at BPI

  10. iya says:

    interesting! parang gusto ko ito! :D

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