Pottermore “Magical Quill” challenge

News flash: the latest development for the Pottermore site is a “Magical Quill” challenge.

According to the announcement on the site, to get early access to Pottermore, users must solve the riddle on the site from July 31 to August 6. Clicking on the clue and solving it will lead the user to the Magical Quill, which will then allow the user to submit registration details to the site.

There are limited slots to the site and the Magical Quill will not appear when the slots for the day have been filled. Other sources also reveal that each featured riddle for the 7 days will be about a Harry Potter book (Day 1- PS, Day 2 – COS, Day 3- POA… and so on) and the riddles for the first three days are harder than the last four days. (Read more about it on Leaky and the site FAQ). If you solve the riddle correctly, the site will lead you to http://quill.pottermore.com/(answer), and you can send in your registration details and wait for an Owl for your welcome letter.

For those who are not able to register for the early access period, the site officially opens to the public in October (but who wants to wait?!?).

Pottermore reveals that The Magical Quill “detects the birth of magical children and writes their name down in a large book” — apparently this is how Professor McGonagall knows who to send all those Hogwarts admission letters to.

I am not sure what time zone the site is following, but I plan to lurk around for a magic quill. Right now it’s just “7 books, 7 days, 7 chances,” and they say that’s not it.

If anyone succeeds with the Magical Quill, do send me an owl!


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30 Responses to Pottermore “Magical Quill” challenge

  1. cai says:

    got the magical quill, got my username but i haven’t got my validation email :( I’m still waiting impatiently

  2. RAS says:

    Same thing, hopefully that owl shows up.

  3. Thanes says:

    What time did the Magic Quill riddle show up? I was up till 3 am EST and it didn’t show. I got up 5 hours later and it said that “Sorry, Day 1 registration is now closed.”

  4. aloi says:

    argh. day 1 is closed. we’re trying to figure out the timing!

  5. mitchell says:

    I was up until 12 am mountain daylight time and it wasn’t up yet up five hours later and said day 1 was over. Find out the timing!

  6. Dani says:

    I live in eastern standard time and it got on at 5:00 am for me, it’s running on J.K.’s time so it was around 10:00 am for her I’m guessing. Validation e-mail can take a few hours to get, good luck to everyone today.

  7. Bartimaeus says:

    The Day 1 clue was released at 4 AM EDT and closed about 2 hours 45 minutes later. The Pottermore crew has said they’ll be varying the release times, but I still have no idea when Day 2’s clue will be out.

  8. pauline says:

    where do i find the magical quill in the site that i got from the clue. oh my, i hope there are still available slots for me

  9. Sumthinblue says:


  10. ayle says:

    i registrated but dont receibe email yet..but i dont understad what are happening because in the spanish web the number to multiply was different and there is not quill there! hopefully i enter pottermore in english and see that and i can find it..but i think is a really bad thing if they do that to spanish fans.

  11. I didn’t know what time it would be up so o stayed awake all night trying to get at it. When I refreshed the page I saw the clue but by the time I got the answer registration was closed :( the sad part is I’m betting all the people gaining early access are teenagers and up. Us 12 year olds are going to have to wait I guess…

  12. Anna says:

    Time is going to be different each day! Day 1 it got on at 9:15 a.m. GTM and Day 2 it was on at 10:45 a.m. GTM.
    First clue was : How many breeds of owls are there on the Eeylops Owl Emporium sign? Multiply that by 49. – 245
    Second clue was : What is the number of the chapter in which McGonagall canceled Grffindor-Hufflepuff Quiditch match? Multiply that by 42. – 588

  13. Anna says:

    My mistake it’s GMT not GTM. As for solving the clue – tommorow prepair CoS book, be online as much as you can and don’t forget too sleep today :)) Once they transfer you to another page find the quill it’s there. :))

  14. Emma says:

    @ Comment #10
    YESSSSS! Thank you! I live in EST and I didnt know when valdation time was, but I was guessing anywhere from 4am to 6am but now i know!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! Settin’ my alarm for 5am tonight! XD

  15. Emma says:

    got my POA book ready. gonna be up all night.

  16. Misa says:


    For the first day, I waited eight hours, and when they released the clue, I ALREADY LEFT FOR MY COUSIN’S BIRTHDAY

    Then yesterday, I was already at the Magical Quill answer thing (quill.pottermore.com/588) when my internet decided to replace Voldemort AND DISAPPEAR. I was almost there.. and by the time my internet decided to show up, all the slots were filled!

  17. I got in first day, I’m GoldNox120 and it has been confirmed that tommorow the quill will show at noon BST. (British standard time)

  18. the clue for the third day was “How many points was Gryffindor beating Slytherin by when Harry caught the snitch?” multiply the answer 35.

    got my validation email and everything now just waiting for my owl to show up to let me in.

    and fyi the access started at 6:00 am EST (Eastern Standard Time)

    name is AurorSilver74 :)

  19. Got into the Pottermore too on the third day, yey! Hope see on Pottermore the first one million members :)

  20. Kate says:

    I’ve been trying every night but I still haven’t got it. Does the quill show up on the Pottermore page? Or is it all over the place?

    I woke up every hour on the hour tonight, but it still says day 3 is closed.

  21. aloi says:

    oh man. i completely left this up to the daughter. i found it hilarious when she announced she was waking up at 4 am. :) i’m not complaining though – she got what she came for!

  22. aloi says:

    oh here’s my post about it:


    i was beginning to think — “i guess i’ll wait for october”

  23. OwlDream102 says:

    i got in!!!! my name is OwlDream102! omg omg omg! im sooooo extremely excited! im obsessed and in love with harry potter more than u can know! ive read all the books 7 times each actually the last one 8 so i could recap for the movies! acckkkkk!!! ::::::)))))))))))))))))))))

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