The Pinoy Book Drop: Filipino Fridays (3)

And just like that, it’s Friday again! Time for another Filipino Friday, and this week it’s the Pinoy Book Drop.

Basically, the instructions were to leave books for another reader to find, and I’ve dropped five books this week.

My very first book drop was made at Philippine Fashion Week’s opening show!


“Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury, my best book so far this year, went in the third row facing the runway, and it was missing right after the show (I checked!), so one of the members of the audience must have gotten it. Squee!

Then I was planning to drop a copy of “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind, one of my favorite books, but my boss spotted it, extracted a long-forgotten promise from me that I’d let her read it, and thus this book got”dropped” right onto her lap:


Last night I passed by the mom and pop mall on my way home, and dropped three more books:

image (2)

Ramon Bautista’s “Bakit HIndi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?” at the Food Court at 7pm

image (3)

Mina Esguerra’s “My Imaginary Ex” in a boutique dressing room at 7:10pm

image (4)

And “The Little Match Girl” at a milk tea counter at 7:20 pm

I was not able to skulk around to check who picked these up, but I hope these books go to nice homes.

And I’m looking forward to seeing where the other book bloggers made their drop!

Happy Filipino Friday!


*Filipino Friday is a weekly meme leading up to the annual Filipino ReaderCon. See you on Nov. 9 at the ADMU Rizal Library!

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9 thoughts on “The Pinoy Book Drop: Filipino Fridays (3)”

  1. omay, you really left those books everywhere? :( i don’t think i can part with mine just like that :P i love my books so much, i don’t even lend it to people haha. but i’ve listed farenheit & perfume so i can find them too :)

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