My sister went to Prague and got me this…


My sister’s work sent her to Europe for a couple of months, and she sent home a whole bunch of stuff afterwards — you should see our fridge, which now contains packages of Leonidas chocolates, Cadbury creme eggs, fruit pudding, and traditional Czech spa wafers (yummmmm)!

She was based in Prague, which has a long tradition of marionette theater, and so my sister got me — what else? — a Harry Potter marionette for my collection!

Harry is about 11 inches tall (20 inches if you count the control bars), in Hogwarts robes, a wool knit Gryffindor scarf, and wand in hand. The head is made of plaster and the limbs made of wood, and the torso is padded wood. Obviously modeled after Daniel Radcliffe, but methinks I can fix that with my paintbox (I’ll show you when I’m done!).

Purchased from the famous toy shop Hracky u Zlateho Iva, which looks like a place I could get lost in for hours!

I think I’ll need to get a shadowbox made to store the marionette Harry, but in the meantime, I’ve been having fun with it, lookee —

Thank you, B. for the marionette and sending it home in one piece! :)


P.S. I’m back blogging, *squee!*

P.P.S. Book reviews soon — I’ve been reading a whole lot of series books! :)

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4 thoughts on “My sister went to Prague and got me this…”

  1. Oh, I’m jealous! Not about the Harry marionette but about the Cadbury’s Creme Eggs! This was my first Easter without them since 1988, as my UK-based friend is back in Manila for the time being. Sniff. It wasn’t the same.

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