#MIBF2015: The Loot (thus far…)


This #MIBF2015 post is up late (again!) as I spent all evening soaking my aching feet in a warm bath.

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on blogging (but someone — you know who you are) asked where my loot report is (I really can’t escape this, can I?), so here it is. So far.

IMG_2730Rooted around in Tahanan’s ukay ukay bin and got these oldies but goodies!

IMG_2727Because I love pan de sal (*review copy, thank you Tuttle!)

IMG_2737I was saving this purchase for Book Fair! Looking forward to more Lisbeth Salander
(and Knights of the Idiotic Table). Too bad it won’t match my deluxe set

IMG_2738Doctor Who + Shakespeare = what’s not to love?

IMG_2739-001I am still looking for The Shepherd’s Crown. Consoled myself with this.

IMG_2741There’s a whole bunch of Sparks Books out, but I’ll go with a familiar author.

IMG_2742I loved the first three books in this series.
Oh wait,waaah, I’m missing Let’s Draw Magical Color!

IMG_2747I super love Marvy drawing pens. It’s been a year-long love affair.
And ok, now I have Zig on the side.

IMG_2732A hardcover Pilandok from Adarna’s bargain bin, and an interesting picture book
on market day around the region. 

IMG_2748Of course I had to get Janus Silang 2.

IMG_2749And Pangkat Papaya! Woot!

IMG_2766Finally. I’ve wanted a copy since last ReaderCon!

IMG_7023And more pens. I finally caved to Wink of Luna.
And a new discovery (because Peter and Gege are enablers): Artline Stix!

And my signed copies (so far):
161___09Super pretty picture book!

161___091Cover (Story) Girl is one of my favorite #romanceclass novels.
And I wanted to try out a book by Agay Llanera.

161___092Shoujo-style. Finally crossing this off my wishlist.
And both author and illustrator were manning the booth!

161___093-002And finally, I had a lovely chat with Tito Doc, Aaron,
Excel and Tintin (!!!) over at OMF Lit!

Three more days to go. I should slow down (should is the operative word), but it’s so hard to resist when the author/illustrator is right there! And I’m still deciding on a couple more books, plus you never know what surprises might pop up in the coming days… We’ll see.

Have you been to MIBF yet? See you there!

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