#MIBF2015: Highlights


I’m still in post-MIBF recovery (the usual: sore throat, backache, and basically feeling like I’ve been run through a laundry press…), and I just sent off my cousin (boo hoo) plus have loads to catch up on (work, Heneral Luna, new Doctor Who, Face Off, and the mountain of to-be-read books, including MIBF acquisitions), so here’s a photo blog in the meantime!

imageOfficial ribboncutting photo.

IMG_2671The Tahanan booth was perpetually overflowing!

IMG_2667Eager shoppers

IMG_6931with Aki the Aklat

IMG_6891Chilling — me with my team! (Apparently the calm before the storm)

IMG_2713Demo artist and the drool-worthy Faber Castell polychromos

IMG_2689Loved Adarna’s carnival themed booth!

IMG_6989At the graffiti wall by Weewilldoodle!

IMG_6999Book signing over at Tahanan with Auri Yambao

IMG_7005Hanging out at OMF Lit with Tintin Pantoja and Excel Dyquiangco

IMG_7004with Aaron Asis and Tito Dok

IMG_7040My friend Joko storytelling at Adarna

IMG_7049Best thing about this weekend: my cousin flew in for MIBF!

IMG_7051Work mode: here’s children’s book author Ergoe Tinio getting interviewed for Bandila
(because believe it or not, I do actually work at the MIBF)

IMG_7058And here’s Jomike Tejido on cam, too!

IMG_7111Saturday afternoon crowd: C-R-A-Z-Y!

IMG_7109Finally met Christine Brae! (Her books were my guilty pleasure of the previous week!)

IMG_7115managed to catch part of the book discussion!

IMG_2788FFP X TFG Harper Lee book discussion

IMG_7132Sunday morning at 9am — that was the line for Kiera Cass. Kids were crying when
they announced there weren’t any more slots!

IMG_7144Rob Cham signing my copy of “Light”

IMG_7148Slappy! (OMG seriously, scary!)

IMG_7151Photobooth time!

IMG_7153with Xi Zuq and Al Estrella

IMG_7175Interesting Wattpad talk: 9.5 billion words have been published
by Filipino Wattpadders!

IMG_7198with Shy Shelly author Justine Hail (thank you for Huey Louie!!!)

IMG_7202with Russel Molina

 Plus, the last of my #MIBF2015 loot:
IMG_2787A complete set of Jomike Tejido’s lovely banig painting postcards
(thank you, Jomike!)

IMG_2790Shy Shelley loot (thanks, Justine!)

IMG_2792And the last few books (because weekend shopping at the MIBF is beyond my abilities).

See you at next year’s MIBF!

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