Last day loot!

I couldn’t help it; I had to go back!

I already made off with a pretty hefty loot from the last couple of times I visited the National Book Store Christmas Book Bazaar, but I wanted to catch the last day of the bargain sale so I wouldn’t have any regrets (yes, you can see how seriously I take book sales) afterwards, and I am so glad I went.

I filled up my basket in ten minutes, but because I’d already spent a fair amount of money on my last two visits, I was consumed by guilt and decided not to buy anything over P50. So I had to pitch out the P100, and there were some beauties too — I really wanted that Dacre Stoker Dracula book and Book 3 of The Spook’s Apprentice, but I guess those can wait.

Anyway, after much contemplation, I still made off with 9 books priced P30 and P50 — not a bad haul for P300!

I am Legend

Hattie Big Sky

Marked down to P50!

for my sister, the Paco Underhill disciple

for my trivia junkie self

A wonderful little volume — Shakespeare: A Crash Course

I’ve been meaning to read some Ishiguro.

Now I’m just missing book 2 of this series

and this one is a special request by reader mjomesa

Will be hitting some more book sales with book club friends over the next couple of weeks; will keep you posted!

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9 Responses to Last day loot!

  1. Sem says:

    wow! :D
    great selection of books ate blooey! :D
    i like the shakespeare book.. :D

  2. Sana says:

    Hats off Blooey! Master of book bargains. Bow ako =)

  3. Anne says:

    I’m green with envy, Blooey! I wish there were better deals like that here in Cebu. :( I love the Booksale branches here, but lately, it’s been a hit or miss. I heart your Ishiguro find!

  4. Sem says:

    WOW – as in WOW! P30.00!?!?! hardcover?!?! full color?!?!?!
    weew – talk about luck! (and diligence!) :D

  5. ella says:

    huwow ung book ni carson 50 na lang???? shoot i love him and the queer 5 (huhu bakau have extra copy pa???)

  6. mjomesa says:

    ms blooey, i’m crying now…seriously…huhuhu…bundles of tissue please…

    how will i get the copy? for how much was it?

    ms. blooey, my ad is

    thanks a lot…

    • Sumthinblue says:

      hello! I sent you an email, it must have not gotten through. Consider it your Christmas present, I just need your mailing address. Will email you again.

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