Hagrid and Hedwig

When I told you about the FFP bowling night last month, I forgot to mention another highlight of my night. There was a toy clearance sale outside the bowling alley, and to my great delight (cue in the squee-ing!), I found new plush dolls for my HP collection: Hagrid and Hedwig!

They were a real steal, considering I haven’t seen these in years, and the prices were quite reasonable, so I scooped them up and marched them over to the counter.

I found my Harry doll years ago in a bargain bookstore, and until now I am kicking myself for not buying the Ron and Hermione dolls along with it (I meant to come back for them but they were gone a few days later!). At least now I have Hedwig and Hagrid.

Hedwig’s always been a dilemma for us when we have Harry Potter parties — it’s hard to find a stuffed snowy owl, and we’ve run through the gamut of generic owls over the years.

Finally, Hedwig!

The Gryffindor collar adds a nice touch, don’t you think?

And here’s Hagrid!

Oh, and I got a couple HP gifts for my birthday —

Thai Harry Potter from Mika (Yay!)

And this:

A Ravenclaw shirt from Dianne!

Now if only I could put an Undetectable Extension Charm on my bookshelves!

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