Squee! Finally Book 4 of The 39 Clues series is here. I’ve been so excited to read this, after reviewing Maze of Bones and One False Note and The Sword Thief. I’m halfway through Beyond the Grave but I am reviewing it for Manila Bulletin so I won’t be able to post the review here just yet.

In the meantime, you’ll find ten things about the book beyond the cut. Don’t worry, no crucial spoilers!

1. Jude Watson (aka Judy Blundell) is the first female author to join the series, and I think it’s fab!

2. The adventure takes us to exciting Cairo, Egypt, where Dan and Amy meet some new characters that deliver a message from beyond the grave — Grace’s!

3. Nellie loves exotic food.

4. We learn more about the sinister Irina Spasky (who would’ve thought?)

5. Dan and Amy stumble upon the another Cahill branch’s stronghold (and its designer).

6. Saladin saves the day more than once in this book!

7. Nellie gets a boyfriend?!?

8. There are so many Sakhets!

9. Jonah Wizard makes a comeback.

10. Egypt is full of wonderful things.

Oh, and of course the new book comes with a new set of cards with a new code. I’ve shared a set in the past and I’m willing to share this one again.

Just answer the question: Who is your favorite Cahill (present-day or past) and why? and leave your email address in the comments section below and I’ll email you the surveillance code for  the my card set from book 4. In the true Cahill spirit, I entreat those that I reveal the new code to not to post it publicly so we can all have some fun.

Just to sweeten the deal, link to this post or follow this blog (Google Friend Connect/ Networked Blogs/ RSS, etc) and I’ll email you the surveillance codes for books 2 and 3 as well. You can tell me about it in the comments section below as well.

That’s it for now, will post the full review after it’s published in the newspaper.