Sneak peek: the 32nd Manila International Book Fair!


Are you all ready to go to the 32nd Manila International Book Fair tomorrow?

Got a sneak peek tonight, at the opening ceremonies for the MIBF.

I know y’all are excited to see the photos, and I want to go soak my feet in a tub of warm water, so without further ado…



Filipino Readers Make it Social: The 1st Filipino ReaderCon



… and five weeks’ worth of Filipino Fridays! (*groan!*)

I know, I know, I’m really late in the game on this one, but my schedule has been impossible for the past four weeks, in addition to that throat infection that sent me out of commission (in bed, too sick to do anything) for five days.

But it’s better late than never, and for those attending the Manila International Book Fair, Filipino Readers Make it Social: The 1st Filipino ReaderCon organized by the Filipino Book Bloggers and slated on Wed, is really one of the must-not-miss highlights of this year’s book fair.

Before I start with my Filipino Fridays, let me clue you in on the event details.


Maryang Sinukuan-14

Ta da da dum…


Got a lovely surprise delivered to the office yesterday!

Ta da da dum…





Caught Repertory Philippines’ Seussical previews this weekend (thanks to Jeeves for the friday night, and my boss for Saturday morning) and I’m still singing along to the songs. Even my dog likes Seussical — he wags his tail every time I play the soundtrack.


pottermore cap

Pottermore Congratulations Email


Got the Congratulations email from Pottermore yesterday, and I wanted to check if y’all have gotten one, because a friend reports she hasn’t received hers yet.

I opened my inbox yesterday morning and it was there.


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