Vote now for the #FRCA2014


I’m finally back in action after spending the last few weeks in overtime (August was just crayyyyy), and I’m knuckling down to update the blog in this lull before my annual reportage of the Manila International Book Fair sets in mid-September.

Because I have an interview with Alex London in the morning a few hours, so I’ll leave this announcement here for now (*drumroll please*): Public voting is currently ongoing for the 2014 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards (FRCA).


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I’m back from my weekend up in the mountains, and the first order of business is thanking everyone who shared in my week-long birthday celebration: those who shared a meal (and drinks) with me; those who joined my Hogwarts Library giveaway; and most especially those who extended their generosity towards my Birthday for Books fundraiser for Sambat Trust.

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Many Happy Returns


I’m back! I hope the holidays have treated everyone well. I’ve been busy doing a lot of cooking, catching up with old friends, crafting, and fangirling (yes, still in a tizzy from all the Doctor Who and Sherlock feels), started work again this week and rang in the new year with the Flippers last night, hence the slight delay.

So, it’s January 2014, which means this blog has been online for 5 years. Blogging is something I really enjoy doing, and I realize I’ve missed the regular exercise, so it’s something I am making more time for this year. I even put up a Facebook page and Twitter, so feel free to hound me for new posts :p

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Ready for ReaderCon!


I’ve been working really hard on my booth for the Book Reco Fair at the Filipino ReaderCon for weeks now, and I can’t believe it’s finally happening on Saturday! Squee! Finally, the work of my poor cramped hands (!) over many sleepless nights will see the light of day.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find at my booth.

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