Making its way to Suzanne Collins…


… is a little gift from our book club, Flips Flipping Pages!

It’s a framed photo of our Hunger Games book discussion a couple of months ago, and a small flag of the Philippines, a little something to show Suzanne Collins that she has fans in the Philippines! :)

Thank you, Scholastic Philippines for giving us the opportunity to send our greetings to Suzanne Collins!

NBS - Moleskine 01

Moleskine Shop opens at NBS Greenbelt 1


I’ve been lurking around National Book Store Greenbelt 1 for some time now, because it was under renovation for a few months. It’s one of my favorite branches — I ‘ve been going there since I was a kid — because it’s nearest my house, it’s not overcrowded, it has all the supplies I need (heavy gauge plastic cover, a large pen selection, an expanded art section), and it always has a corner for bargain books.

Tonight I finally found out what they were keeping under wraps: the Philippines’ flagship Moleskine Shop!

I’ve been a Moleskine user for years now (watercolor pad, cahiers, and recently, my Moleskine Passions book journal), and I must say, there’s no beating the quality of a moleskine, from the handcrafted leather, the acid-free paper, the sturdy back pocket, and the signature garter band and ribbon bookmark. It’s great that there’s a Moleskine Shop-in-Shop here now (there are several already across Asia) for Moleskine fans in the Philippines.



Art Spiegelman! Squee!


The past month has been just fab in feeding my Art Spiegelman fangirl frenzy. First I found that enormous Art Spiegelman book on bargain at a book store sale after last month’s book discussion.

Then my cousin (and bookish partner in crime) Dianne got me an autographed Maus II (and a Strand notebook, and a Great Writers deck of cards) from her trip to New York. And then Flipper friend Mike (who actually made an Art Spiegelman fangirl out of me when he lent me his Maus set) brought me back an Art Spiegelman Strand totebag (and a Strand button pin) showing Maus “stranded in a sea of books”!


BookMoochers Pilipinas

BookMoochers Pilipinas Summer Mixer


Last night was the much awaited summer mixer for BookMoochers Pilipinas, the local group for members of book trading site BookMooch. It was one of the muggiest days in this infernally hot summer, but even the heat couldn’t stop us from heading over to Triccie’s house for our get-together.

Present last night were me, Triccie, Patti, Gege, Czar, Marie, Cecille, Shy, Paolo, Patrick, and JoelG. We haven’t gotten together as a group since last November, and since a lot of members were celebrating their birthdays in April and May (Triccie, Marie, Czar, Cecille, and Fran) we decided a summer party was in order!



Free Comic Book Day


Saturday was Free Comic Book Day at Fully Booked, and I couldn’t resist going. I meant to go last year but  it coincided with one of my book club meetings so I really wanted to make it this year, not so much for the free comic book but for the 20% discount on comics and graphic novels at the store.

I planned to go early but I woke up late and there was some commotion in the house because the results were in for the April 2010 Licensure Exam for Teachers and we learned my brother Enzo passed (way to go, bro!) and is now a professional teacher. Then I had to drop by the hospital on the other side of town to visit a friend.

It was 5:30 by the time I got to the store on Bonifacio High Street, and I figured they’d have run out of free comic books by then, but there were still some short stacks at the giveaway table and I quickly got in line for a free copy. Although I’ve gradually assimilated graphic novels as regular reading in recent time, I’m still not really into the whole spandex superhero thing and the only choices on the table were either Iron Man or Green Hornet, so after an eenie-meenie-miney-mo I settled on Iron Man and got my hand stamped at the booth.


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