From one book lover to another


Here’s a story that made my day.

A few months back, I had blogged about a bunch of bookmarks I found at a bargain bookstore. Among those I featured was a beautiful bookmark  featuring some unicorns prancing in the night sky. It was the only one in the tray of bookmarks that wasn’t based on an actual book, and it was smaller than the rest,but I’ve always loved unicorns and I liked the softness of the painting featured in the bookmark.

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Bookish Blackout!



On Tuesday night, I was pounding out a blog entry when my mom told me to go to bed because there was a storm brewing (typhoon Basyang). I was actually packing up my stuff already; the chilly wind was blowing into the living room and I was getting goosebumps. Of course, because I’m now paranoid, I had to check that I had no books at flood level before heading upstairs.

I’d no sooner climbed into bed when the power went out, and the wind started howling something awful, rattling the window panes and galvanized iron roofs from nearby. Our dog Macky started whimpering from the stairs so I grabbed my flashlight to take him up to the room. Our cat Missy was already burrowing into my mom’s blankets for warmth (she hates being cold).

I fell into a fitful sleep, worrying about falling trees and flying rooftops, and woke up to the sound of my brother telling my mom the upstairs bathroom was a mess — the window was open and the ceiling was detached, hanging by the wiring of the lamp in the center. I got out of bed and there was sludge all over the toiletries!

Still no power by then so I marched off to the bathroom downstairs to get ready for work. There were a few inches of floodwater in the street so I had to tiptoe across the sidewalk!

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Are you ready for this?



The Manila International Book Fair is set on Sept. 15-19 at the SMX Convention Center! Woot! Woot! (*happydancing*)

Mark your calendars, bibliophiles (and start saving your shopping money), as the biggest and longest-running book fair in the Philippines turns 31 this year. For three decades now, MIBF has been a one-stop shop for local and foreign publishers, wholesalers, retailers, book lovers and collectors, librarians, authors, and publishers’ representatives. It has also continuously contributed to the reading awareness of the Filipino by being the venue for book launches, dialogues with readers, and other book-related activities that reach out to a wide audience.

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Ladies and Gentlemen…


… it’s time to break open those piggy banks.

Tomorrow Right now, a signed copy of Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games and a signed copy of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will be are up for grabs in an online auction.

Update (13 Jul): The signed Hunger Games is currently at $61, GOF currently at $201. They’ve also got a signed copy of Meg Cabot’s How to be Popular at $30!

*insert crazy fangirl (me) screaming here!*

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Fully Booked Book Grab 2010

The Book Grab is back!

The Fully Booked flagship store on Bonifacio High Street, a popular lifestyle destination, once again celebrates its anniversary this July. To mark its 3rd year, another Book Grab event is set on July 24, 2010 — incidentally, that’s the same day as the Flips Flipping Pages July book discussion of Fables: Legends in Exile, from 2pm onwards, right there at the Fully Booked Top Shelf (Flippers — we get to watch the Book Grab!).

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