I am so sorry I haven’t updated in a week. I’ve been terribly busy and I was running ragged for the past few days, but this morning is something I really want to share with everyone.

I just got back from the airport with something I’ve had my heart set on for ages…


mockingjay bookmark 2

Mockingjay leather bookmark


A curious little thing made its way to my desk this morning, in a mysterious white envelope with my name on it…

I opened it and let out a squeal of delight — it’s a limited edition Mockingjay leather bookmark! :)



First post for the year


Happy New Year!

It’s the last day of my vacation and I hope to get back on track with my blogging within the week.

But before I start a new year of blogging, I’d like to thank everyone for sharing 2010 with me. The year has flown by so fast — I think it’s been my busiest year ever, judging from the way my reading tally plummeted to 205, some 30-40 books down from my annual average for the past three years (or maybe I’ve just been reading thicker books). Nevertheless, the year has been quite eventful, with weekends packed with bookish activities, and I’ve also made a lot of new friends: authors, illustrators, fellow book bloggers,  BookMoochers, new Flippers, and new blog readers! Oh, and don’t get me started on the number of books I’ve added to my TBR in 2010, because I’m actually too scared to count ‘em! :D



What I got myself for Christmas


Here’s a Christmas present I got myself, after being cooped up with this upper respiratory tract infection for most of my short vacation: The Millennium Trilogy Deluxe Edition Boxed Set.

I’ve been drooling over this ever since I saw it at the bookstore earlier this month, and I was trying to see how long I could hold out before breaking down , but National Book Store was on sale at Mall of Asia and 20% off (P2,395 from P2,995) was too good a deal to pass up!  I finally took home the set today! Squee!

I know, I know, you’re thinking, I’ve read the Millennium trilogy, I have three copies of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (trade paperback and hardcover AND a Swedish mass market paperback), and I have mass market paperbacks of The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. But you know I can never resist a pretty book (even one that I already have a copy — or multiple copies for that matter — of, erm, this is why I’ve come to amass over a hundred Harry Potter books in different languages), and well, check out how pretty this boxed set is:



Early Christmas Surprise


An early Christmas surprise came on the day before the prom — my Flips Flipping Pages exchange gift got delivered to the office.

Every year our book club holds a gift exchange for members who want to participate, and this is the third year I’ve joined. We assign the gifters and the giftees, set the budget, post our wishlists, and it’s up to the generosity and resourcefulness of the gifter to get the books on the giftee’s wishlist. We’ve been doing it for three years now, and it’s always a huge success. Some gifters even manage to find books the giftee is having trouble finding!


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