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39 Clues: Unstoppable summer promo

The 39 Clues has definitely come a long way since I first started reading it. The original 10 book, multi-author, multimedia series has since been followed by the Cahills vs. Vespers arc, spanning six books; and the current (and last) … Continue reading

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I’m back from my weekend up in the mountains, and the first order of business is thanking everyone who shared in my week-long birthday celebration: those who shared a meal (and drinks) with me; those who joined my Hogwarts Library … Continue reading

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Meet Arya, my Kobo Glo!

I’ll read books any way I can get them, and I’ve read e-books on PC, mobile, and palm pilot since 2004, so I’ve always considered e-ink technology a godsend. I’ve been in love with e-ink technology since I got my … Continue reading

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Many Happy Returns

I’m back! I hope the holidays have treated everyone well. I’ve been busy doing a lot of cooking, catching up with old friends, crafting, and fangirling (yes, still in a tizzy from all the Doctor Who and Sherlock feels), started … Continue reading

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Reader Species: Filipino Fridays (1)

When I saw the topic for today’s Filipino Fridays, I knew I couldn’t miss it. I’m up to my eyeballs in work these days, but Filipino Fridays is an annual tradition leading up to the Filipino ReaderCon, and it’s always … Continue reading

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