Behind the scenes: All About the Philippines

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Dummy layout for All About the Philippines

I knew I’d be out of town for the launch of “All About the Philippines” (2 pm, Aug 15 at National Book Store Glorietta), so I took the opportunity of talking to the author and illustrator — Gidget Jimenez and Kora Dandan Albano to learn more about the

It’s always interesting to find out the story behind a book, and this was no exception — many thanks to Kora Dandan Albano for her email correspondence, and Gidget for a lovely first meeting!

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Il Sung Na and the Power of Picture


It’s always fascinating to learn about the creative process of a children’s book creator, so I was drawn to Il Sung Na’s session on “Korean Picture Books: The Power of Picture” at the AFCC Writers and Illustrators conference last month.

Il Sung Na is the writer and illustrator of several acclaimed picture books, including “Zzzzz: A Book of Sleep,” “The Thingamabob,”” “Brrrr: A Book of Winter,” “Hide & Seek,” and “Shhhh: A Book of Babies.” Born in Seoul, he studied illustration in London and is now based in Baltimore, USA. His illustration work is mixed media and digital.
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Ngumiti si Andoy

(Header) Ngumiti si Andoy Blog Tour

Today is Andres Bonifacio’s 150th birthday and I’m celebrating by joining my first ever blog tour, for the book “Ngumiti Si Andoy,” written by Xi Zuq, illustrated by Dominic Agsaway, and published by Adarna House. The story and illustrations are based on the winners of the 2013 Philippine Board on Books For Young People (PBBY) Salanga (for writers) and Alcala Prize (for Illustrators).

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