This is our book club, Flips Flipping Pages, as caricatured by my good friend (and surrogate book club big sister) Ajie Taduran (see, I told you my friends are brilliant!) after one of our book discussions last year. Can you find me in the cartoon?

And this is me, drawn by Ajie because I got her a bunch of books for her birthday:

This year, Ajie’s gone pro on doing caricatures and she’s been churning them out at an impressive rate.

Check these out:

Awesome, aren’t they? They’re amazingly lifelike and they capture the subjects’ personalities perfectly!

If you’re looking for a unique present for your loved ones this Christmas, get their caricatures done by Ajie!

For orders, message Ajie on facebook ( or email her on ajietaduran (at) gmail (dot) com. Local orders are framed and delivered via courier; orders from abroad are soft copy, sent via email.

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