32nd Manila International Book Fair, the first of many parts

I’m still trying to catch my breath, but I know you’ve been waiting to hear about the 32nd Manila International Book Fair, and I do want to tell you about it, so here it is, my first book fair post.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days at the MIBF, and I generally spend each day out there getting work done: accompanying guests, processing requests, and even catching up with office work, and then (when things go according to plan) the actual hunting and gathering takes place in the evening. But Wednesday night was spent having dinner with the Flippers (after raiding the book fair of course) and gabbing until the wee hours), hence no reportage from me; while last night I was with my Geek Fight team (who’d raided the MIBF, and amassed even more books than my book club friends, imagine that). Hence it’s Day 3, and I’m pounding this out on my lunch break.

Here’s a look at what went on, at least, what I caught — so many things are happening! — so far.

Caught bits of the ReaderCon:

  the keynote by Carl Joe Javier

Gege talking about our book club Flips Flipping Pages

And got to hang out with the Flippers, too :)

thank you Rhett for the pretty photo!

Down at the exhibition halls, everyone’s pretty busy — the weekday crowd is surprisingly thick this year. Five years ago, the first couple of days were laid back, exhibitors leisurely entertaining their visitors, but in recent years, you’ll have to elbow your way in, even early in the book fair.

storytelling at Adarna

crowd milling around the bargain table at WS Pacific

Check out Ang Pag-ibig ni Maryang Sinukuan and the other Lola Basyang books at Anvil — only P82 :)
I’m joining the book signings over the weekend with the other illustrators, I think that’s Saturday, Sunday around 1pm!

The NBS bargain bins are getting replenished every few hours. I feel panicky every time I pass by, haha!

This spot was literally packed with people — a radio station was doing a live broadcast
and there was a very lively Bible auction going on.

Went gaga over this corner of the PSIcom booth. Found a Fables deluxe edition #3, which Dianne
promptly grabbed from me, and I couldn’t pry it away from her.
Ended up getting an Alan Moore sampler; I’ll have to go back to check out their stuff.

Here’s the Team WAADO loot from last night.
Don’t ask how much the total spending was.

I’ll leave you with that, for now; lunch break’s almost over. Will need another post for the loot (I’m supposed to be pacing myself, haha, but I’ve spent an obscene amount already) — I’ll show you tonight! :D

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6 thoughts on “32nd Manila International Book Fair, the first of many parts”

  1. Ubusan talaga ng pera sa MIBF.
    I already spent 1000+ plus on NBS’s bargain books alone on the first day, what more when I visit the book fiar this cmong Saturday, pa?!

    Gahd, please save my wallet. :)

    1. I’m actually afraid to compile my receipts!!! You should go back, last year, Sunday at the MIBF, NBS brought out P30 books, both hardcover and paperback.

  2. Hi, Blooey! Saw you at the ReaderCon but hadn’t the chance to talk to you. Soon, I hope.

    My attempt at tempering myself resulted in me buying only P350 worth of books from the bargain shelves of NBS stall. But that was in the morning. Post-ReaderCon I went back to the fair to accompany a couple of friends who just arrived then. Et voila, I emerged from the self-same stall carrying a brand new copy of Wildwood purchased at 20%. Going back for more, for sure.

    1. Aldrin! Oo nga eh, I had to go in and out because I was attending to work downstairs. Hope to see you back here this weekend! :D

  3. I want to go back!! I bought your book, heehee, and only a few others the half hour I spent there on Wed. Only visited the Tahanan, Anvil and the booth beside NBS with the children’s stuff. All purchases for gifts, but still added up to a lot!

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